Thank you for serving our community on

elovate Week

lets make a difference by serving!

Join us each week as we reach and help People!

Christmas Train on Christmas Day was a huge hit, HElping local Flood victims, Skate Park Events (last one was the largest ever in March with over 800), Single mom's homes remodel, Teachers Lounge remodel went great, offerings for the PHILIPPINES Bible School, City Block Party kicking out free Wifi, Feeding all the city officials, Wimberly and Houston relief Floods, Monthly Serve Days and so so more! WE have a huge opportunity this year! Let's reach and make an impact with as many as we can and help us *spread the Love!

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Dream Team
Serving new people to help them experience Jesus
Campus Ministries
Back to School Blast Sat Aug 1st (Saturday ELOVATE WEEK)
Serving our community for those in need of school supplies (9am-2pm)
Nursing home Aug 2nd (Sunday ELOVATE WEEK)
Serve those at the Gateway Nursing Home and retirement home (3:30pm-6pm)
Laundry Mat (Monday) Aug 3rd ELOVATE WEEK
Blessing those in need (6:30pm-9pm)
Teacher Lounge Touch Up Aug 4th (Wednesday ELOVATE WEEK)
Touch up a lounge we remodeled
Pass out diapers to those in need Aug 5th (Thursday ELOVATE WEEK)
Distribute a pallet of diapers (9am-12pm)
Serve lunch to city workers Aug 6th (Friday ELOVATE WEEK)
Serve Chic Fila (11am-1pm)
Serve Day (Saturday) Aug 7th ELOVATE WEEK
Finishing up work on the building (10am-3pm) Men's Breakfast 8am in Elevate's Growth Track room

*eLOVate is our way of loving our community in a big way